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JobScheduler Universal Agent




      Starting Situation

      • The JobScheduler Master and Agent
        • are provided for Linux and Windows for all current releases.
        • are not provided for AIX, HP-UX and Solaris for current releases.
      • The reason is that for Unix platforms other than Linux the effort for maintaining the OS specific code and the required build environment is exceeding the benefits that such platforms provide.
      • SOS intends to provide a Java based JobScheduler Universal Agent that can be operated on any platform that supports a JVM.
      • Users of Unix platforms other than Linux are provided the following options:
        • run a JobScheduler Master on Windows or Linux and run JobScheduler Universal Agents on the desired Unix platform.
        • use Agentless Scheduling to execute jobs on the desired Unix platform.
      • The development of the JobScheduler Universal Agent will be performed within milestones across a number of releases that provide technical previews of the Agent.

      Technical Previews & Milestones

      • Technical Preview TP-1: intended for release 1.9 (April 2015)
        • Milestone 1: JobScheduler Universal Agent for the execution of shell scripts
        • Milestone 2: Support the logging of stdout and return parameters to the JobScheduler Master, provide Windows and Unix start scripts
        • Milestone 3: Support shell scripts with monitors and API jobs that do not make use of the JobScheduler API
      • Technical Preview TP-2: intended for release 1.9 (June 2015)
        • Milestone 4: Support jobs and monitors that make use of the JobScheduler API
        • Milestone 5: Support file watching by Agents (JS-1300)
        • Milestone 6: Remote kill for API Jobs and shell jobs without monitors
      • Technical Preview TP-3: intended for release 1.9.2 (July 2015)
        • Milestone 7: Support proxies for the JobScheduler API
        • Milestone 8: Replace the existing C++ JobScheduler Agent
        • Milestone 9: Implement HTTPS tunnels for RPC and replace existing TCP connections
        • Milestone 10: Remote kill for shell jobs with monitors
        • Milestone 11: Provide Web Services for status information of JobScheduler Universal Agents
        • Milestone 12: Operate Agent as Windows Service
      • Release Candidate RC-1: intended for RC release 1.10 (August 2015)
        • Bug-fixing of features
        • Learnings concerning stability and scalability of technical preview releases
        • Operational readiness
      • Release: intended for release 1.10 (approx. September 2015)


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