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Web service command to terminate JobScheduler Universal Agent



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      Desired Behavior

      • The JobScheduler Universal Agent should be terminated by the following actions:
        1. abort: the Agent will kill all running tasks and will terminate immediately
        2. terminate: the Agent will not start new tasks, existing tasks can continue and the Agent will terminate after all tasks have completed
          1. optionally a SIGTERM can be sent to the tasks
        3. terminate with timeout:
          • the behavior is approx. the same as in JS-1163
          • the Agent sends all tasks a SIGTERM command and will wait for the specified timeout. Should any task not terminate within the specified timeout then it will be killed with a signal SIGKILL.
      • The JobScheduler Universal Agent accepts json commands that can be sent by any HTTP client:
        1. Operation: abort immediately
          • Client sends:
              "$TYPE": "AbortImmediately"
          • This correspondes to the command that is used for a Master: <modify_spooler cmd='abort_immediately'/>
        2. Operation: terminate
          • Client sends:
              "$TYPE": "Terminate",
              "sigtermProcesses": false
          • This correspondes to the command that is used for a Master: <modify_spooler cmd='terminate'/>
        3. Operation: terminate with timeout
          • Client sends:
              "$TYPE": "Terminate",
              "sigtermProcesses": false,
              "sigkillProcessesAfter": 15
          • This correspondes to the command that is used for a Master: <modify_spooler cmd='terminate' timeout="15"/>

      Maintainer Notes

      • Commands to terminate an Agent can be sent
        • via any client application that sends the command with an HTTP request
        • via the start script of the Agent


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