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Improve maintenance window management



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      JobScheduler improves support for maintenance windows

      Current Situation

      • No standard functionality is provided with the JobScheduler release.
      • Individual solutions are provided based on project work, see Maintenance Window Management

      Functional Requirements

      • Accuracy of maintenance windows to be precise for hh:mm
      • Consideration of start times during maintenance windows
        • Suppress execution during a maintenance window
        • Move start time
          • Anticipate execution to an earlier point in time before the maintenance window
          • Postpone execution to a later point in time after completion of the maintenance window
      • Scope
        • Jobs and Job Chains
          • Consider a critical path of essential jobs that should be executed during maintenance window
          • Select a number of jobs and job chains to be subject to maintenance window
            • select jobs and job chains by folder
            • select jobs and job chains by regular expressions of job names and job chain names
        • File Order Sources
          • No orders are created from file order sources during maintenance windows
        • Agents
          • Job execution for specific sets of Agents should be paused
        • Servers/Mandators
          • SSH jobs that are executed for a specific set of servers should be paused including JITL SSH jobs and shell jobs for SSH
          • Jobs that are assigned to specific mandators, e.g. based on folders or naming conventions should be paused
      • Manage different types of maintenance windows
        • Group types of start time considerations and selected jobs and job chains into different maintenance types
          • e.g. standard maintenance window every last thursday of the month between 6pm and 10pm; this maintenance type would allow jobs of the critical path to be executed
          • e.g. deployment maintenance window every three months every last saturday from 6am to 6pm; this maintenance type would deny any jobs to be executed as the system is updated and applications are deployed
        • Manage groups of maintenance windows individually per client
          • e.g. client configures groups individually based on the above criteria for consideration of start times and scope of selection
          • e.g. client handles permissions for the management of maintenance window groups
      • Planning of maintenance windows
        • Plan maintenance windows for future dates including start date and end date (some months in advance)
        • Create ad hoc maintenance windows, e.g. for emergency changes
        • Manage maintenance windows (CRUD operations: create, retrieve, update, delete)

      Usability Requirements

      • Make planned maintenance windows visible
        • point in time and duration of planned maintenance
        • jobs and job chains concerned by planned maintenance
      • JOC interface for CRUD operations on maintenance windows
      • Support ad hoc operations for starting and stopping maintenance windows


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