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Manage Agent Cluster configuration for file watching




      Current Situation

      • With JOC-682 the feature has been introduced to manage Agent Clusters not exclusively by the JOE job editor but by use of JOC Cockpit.
      • The feature JOC-682 is designed for Agent Clusters that operate on job executions and that specify a single Agent or a number of Agents like this:
        <process_class  max_processes="15">
            <remote_schedulers >
                <remote_scheduler  remote_scheduler="http://localhost:4445" http_heartbeat_timeout="10" http_heartbeat_period="5"/>
                <remote_scheduler  remote_scheduler="http://some_host:4445" http_heartbeat_timeout="10" http_heartbeat_period="5"/>
      • The feature JOC-682 does not include to manage an Agent Cluster that is used for file watching and that is configured e.g. like this:
        <process_class  max_processes="10" remote_scheduler="http://localhost:4445" />
      • In summary: process classes can be managed by JOC Cockpit for Agents that execute jobs, however, they cannot be managed with JOC Cockpit if the process class is used for file watching.
      • BTW: the reason for different ways how to configure process classes for job execution and file watching with Agents is with the fact that Agent Cluster configurations for job execution apply cluster capabilities for a number of Agents whereas file watching is limited to use of a single Agent.

      Desired Behavior

      • Add the functionality to manage process classes that are used for file watching with JOC Cockpit


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