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Manage Agent Cluster configuration




      Current Situation

      • Agent Clusters represent a comprehensive view of Process Classes, i.e. they reflect the same information.
      • Agent Clusters are managed by modifying Process Classes with the JOE job editor.

      Desired Behavior

      • Agent Clusters should be managed directly from the JOC Cockpit. The Agent Clusters view should offer actions to add, to modify and to remove Agent Clusters.
      • Technically the modification takes place by adding, replacing or removing the *.process_class.xml files. Such files are written to a JobScheduler Master's hot folder.
      • Modifications include to specify the name of the Agent Cluster, the max. number of processes, the included Agent URLs, heartbeat timeout & heartbeat period and the passive/active cluster type by specifying the first/next attributes.
      • Agent Cluster modifications create the following types of *.process_class.xml files:
        1. If an Agent Cluster contains more than one Agent then the corresponding *.process_class.xml file looks e.g. like this:
                  <process_class  max_processes="10">
                      <remote_schedulers  select="first">
                          <remote_scheduler  remote_scheduler="http://localhost:4445" http_heartbeat_timeout="20" http_heartbeat_period="10"/>
                          <remote_scheduler  remote_scheduler="http://localhost:4447"/>
        2. If an Agent Cluster contains a single Agent then the corresponding *.process_class.xml file looks like this:
                  <process_class  max_processes="10" remote_scheduler="http://localhost:4445"/>


      • The "Edit Agent Cluster" feature is available in JOC Cockpit only when the process class makes use of one or more Agents as in the above requirement 1).
      • This feature is not available with JOC Cockpit if a process class configuration is used for file watching or includes a single Agent for job execution as configured with above requirement 2)
        • JOC-706 will bring this option to achieve feature completeness.


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