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Consider Java property files for data provider



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      • YADE implements a Virtual File System that supports a number of data providers, e.g. SMB/CIFS protocol implementation by Samba.
      • Data providers can make use of individual Java properties, e.g. for SMB/CIFS to specify compatibility levels for authentication with NTLMv2 and newer.
      • YADE allows to specify Java property files at a global level and individually per transfer fragment.
        • Properties from Java property files are applied as system properties by YADE.


      • The YADE XSD Schema reflects the use of any number of Java property files.The XML Editor allows to specify the Java property files with the file transfer XML configuration.
      • Java property files can be specified globally and are applied for all transfer profiles. In addition Java property files can be specified for individual fragment, This allows to use e.g. different SMB/CIFS property files when using multiple Samba servers with different versions of the protocol.


      • Update the YADE XSD Schema for use of any number of Java property files.
      • Add an option system_property_files to YADE that receives a semicolon separated list of Java property file names.
      • Enable the mapping of multiple XML elements for Java property files to a single YADE option.
      • Extent YADE to read Java property files and to set system properties accordingly.
        • Java property files are processed in the specified sequence. Properties that have previously been set will be overwritten by subsquent Java property files.
        • First the global Java property files are applied, next the Java property files specified for a transfer profile are applied.
      • Consider use of Java property files with jump host file transfers.
      • Update the documentation.


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