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"ERRNO-36: File name too long" occurs due to nested splits



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    • Affects Version/s: 1.12
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      Current Situation

      • If you split an Order with the JobSchedulerJobChainSplitter-Job then the id of a child order grows in the form: 
        childOrderId = parentOrderId + "-+" + parentOrderHistoryId + "+-" + currentNodeName

        where the "-+" + parentOrderHistoryId + "+-" is added only since JOC-483.

      • On creating nested splits (splits under splits) then the child orders' id grows and grows.
      • The orderId is part of the filename of the orders' log file so that the filename can get too long.
      • The error occurs when the file name becomes more than 260 characters.

      Desired Behavior

      • On creating nested splits (splits under splits) it should not throw an error "ERRNO-36 File name to long"

      How to Reproduce

      • Create Split-sync job with multiple splits under split with orders (node name must contain long node name) via JOE
        E.g.:- split_1_test:sync-chain_LD_OVER_KM_file.
      • Login to the JOC-Cockpit.
      • Click on the newly created split-sync job chain.
      • "ERRNO-36 File name to long" occurs in the Job chain view.

      Maintainer Note

      • Ok. The file system dictates here a limit but the "Split"-Job needs additional information the OrderId of the Child-Orders (see also JOC-483).
      • The "Split"-Job changes the length of the Main-OrderId by the length of the name of the Job Chain Node and the OrderHistoryId plus 4 characters "-++-".
        The OrderHistoryId can be up to 10 characters long.
        So, if the name of the job chain node has 16 characters, the OrderId of the ChildOrders is extended by 30 characters.
        If we also generously assume that the Main-OrderId including the JobChain path has a length of 100 characters, then nested splits with a depth of 5 are possible.
        If the names of the job chain nodes are slightly shorter, then even a depth of 6 is possible.
      • Nested splits with a depth of 5 or 6 should be sufficient.


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