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ConfigurationOrderMonitor shouldn't write task parameters into the order parameters



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      Current Situation

      • The ConfigurationOrderMonitor writes the task parameters into the order parameters during the preprocessing of the job execution.
      • This could have a side effect in the situation where we have two jobs in the job chain with the same task parameters but different parameter values. Because of above behavior of the ConfigurationOrderMonitor the order parameters at the second job contains the task parameter of the first job which beats the task parameter of the second job so that the second job starts with the same parameters than the first job.
      • Especially annoying is this effect when the JobSchedulerJobChainSplitter-Job is used twice in a Job Chain because the second JobSchedulerJobChainSplitter-Job creates Orders for the nodes of the first JobSchedulerJobChainSplitter-Job so that an endless loop will be created.
        • If the 2nd split a nested splits then the child orders' id grows and grows and you get after some loops
          ERRNO-36: File name too long

      Desired Behavior

      ConfigurationOrderMonitor shouldn't modify the order parameters for next Jobs of the Job Chain.


      A patch can be downloaded from the link list below.
      Copy the patch to the ./lib/patches folder of the JobScheduler master/agent and restart the JobScheduler.


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