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Merge a YADE XML snippet from a JMS Message Service into an existing YADE configuration by pre-processing



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      Current Situation
      The YADE Client reads a configuration from an ini file. The configuration items are mapped to an Option class. The file transfers are processed.

      • The ini file configuration will be replaced with an XML configuration in the future.
      • At the time of writing it is only possible to create an XML configuration via the XML Editor. To use the configuration it has to be exported to an ini configuration for YADE to use.

      Desired Behavior
      Extending the YADE Client with a pre-processing functionality.

      • The pre-processing starts after the configuration has already been mapped to the options and before the actual processing of the file transfer.
      • Advantages:
        • This is based on the decision to use the YADE XML in the future for configuration instead of the old ini configuration.
        • The pre-processing is independent of the initial configuration (ini or xml)
        • No need to save a temporary (merged) configuration to the file system for later use. The update values will be directly mapped to the options.
        • The changes to the YADE Client are kept simple, the processing of the file transfers does not have to be adjusted.

      The pre-processing includes:

      • merge the received XML snippet of a YADE configuration into the existing configuration
        • determine from the delivered nodes which options have to be changed
        • extract the values
        • map the extracted values to the relevant options

      The XML snippet has to consist of YADE XML compliant elements.


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