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YADE should support NFS versions 2,3,4



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      Current Situation

      • YADE does not dispose of an NFS data provider.
      • In order to access NFS files, users have to persistently mount remote directories by use of their NFS client.

      Desired Behavior

      • YADE should dispose of a mechanism to mount directories by NFS dynamically.
        • Mount directories for individual profiles or sources/targets.
        • Mounted directories become available for a local protocol fragment with YADE.
      • The functionality will become available by use of additional pre- and post-processing commands that are executed before the start of a transfer and at the end of transfer independently of the processing result, see YADE-406
      • Users will be able to configure a mount command as required for their operating system and NFS version.
      • This includes a new post-processing command that is executed independently from the processing result and can be used to unmount the NFS share.

      Maintainer Notes

      • No generic data provider will be developed for NFS.
      • As of now we do not have knowledge of 3rd party components that support all required NFS versions, operating systems and provides a complete implementation of the NFS standard.
      • We do not conceive an inconvenience for users when configuring a mount command for YADE pre- and post-processing. Any redundancy for such configuration items is avoided by re-use of the respective settings for YADE profiles and transfer sources/targets.


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