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YADE Aborts Non-Transactional Transfer Operations after an Error with a Single File



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    • 1.8.3, 1.9.6, 1.10
    • 1.9.7, 1.10.1, 1.11
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      Current Behavior

      • A file transfer operation will be aborted and any partially transferred files rolled back if an error such as an integrity hash check occurs in the middle of the operation and transactional transfer has not been specified.
        • This behavior is undesirable for the following reasons:
          • It is illogical - if transactional transfer is not to be carried out then at least as many files as possible should be transferred.
          • Transfer is not predictable/repeatable as the order in which files are transferred can depend on the behavior of the network over which the files are transferred.
          • The files transferred / not transferred result set is not useful - i.e. it does not reflect the state of all the files selected for transfer.
      • Sample Output:
          Version                 = 1.10.1-SNAPSHOT (2015-09-25 00:31, revision 1c90c33c019b5531ce3ac100148e17ef31132bc7) Copyright 2003-2015 SOS GmbH Berlin
          Transactional           = false
          | Protocol              = local
          | Host                  = AA-Win7
          | Directory             = C:\Users\aa\jade_demo\b\checked/
          | OverwriteFiles        = true
        main INFO  14:11:13,734   (SOSDataExchangeEngine.java:1050) ::setInfo 5 files found for regexp '^(test)(_)[0-9]\.txt'.
        main ERROR 14:11:13,763   (SOSFileListEntry.java:1027) ::run SOSVfs_E_229: Fehler. Daten³bertragung nicht m÷glich. Grund: com.sos.JSHelper.Exceptions.JobSchedulerException: Integrity Hash violation. File C:\Users\aa\jade_demo\b\test_3.txt.md5, checksum read: 'b4817065c96c3103e11ab8295a8e0c2c', checksum calculated: 'dbeb552a55aad26cabf17641104bf64f'
        main ERROR 14:11:13,765   (SOSDataExchangeEngine.java:1275) ::transfer SOSDataExchangeEngine.TRANSFER_ABORTED
        main INFO  14:11:13,766   (SOSFileList.java:506) ::Rollback Rollback aborted files.
        main INFO  14:11:13,772   (SOSDataExchangeEngine.java:1450) ::sendTransferHistory No data sent to the background service due to missing host name
        main INFO  14:11:13,807   (SOSDataExchangeEngine.java:393) ::showResult

      Example Configuration

      Desired Behavior

      • The transfer operation should continue with the processing of remaining files when transactional transfer has not been specified and an error occurs during the transfer of one of the files.

      Maintainer Note

      • The described situation where all transfers abort after an error is raised is the wanted behavior.
      • Jade behaves accordingly since 1.7.6
      • Before release 1.7.6, Jade tries to transfer further files after an error if transactional=false. But this was a side effect of an bug.




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