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ConsumeNotices instruction




      Current Situation

      • Notices offer a lifetime for which they will be available and will automatically be removed when exceeding the lifetime.
      • This behavior is applicable in situations when a fixed lifetime is required, for example if a larger number of workflows expect the same Notice, if a central emergency stop switch should be implemented etc.

      Desired Behavior

      • In addition to Notices' availability based on their lifetime users would like to use Notices per workflow run to synchronize processing of a number of instructions in a workflow.
      • JS7 should offer a Block Instruction for Notices in workflows.
        • With begin of the block any number of ExpectNotices Instructions can occur. The JS7 guarantees that no changes will be applied to the indicated Notices for the scope of the block. For example, a competing DeleteNotice Instruction from some other workflow targeting the same Notice will be delayed until the block is completed. The same applies if a Notice is renewed and its lifetime is changed by some parallel workflow.
        • A DeleteNotice Instruction has to be used within a Block Instruction. This guarantees that the Notice to be deleted in fact exist, has been expected and is and is not deleted by a parallel workflow.


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