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Order outcome should be successful for Try/Catch and Finish instructions



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      Current Situation

      • if a job fails in the Try Block of a Try/Catch Instruction then the order's historic outcome is considered unsuccessful.
      • The unsuccessful outcome remains in place when an order enters the Catch Block.
        • If an empty Catch Block is used then the outcome does not change.
          • If this happens to a child order in a Fork/Join Instruction then the child order forwards its unsuccessful outcome to the parent order that subsequently will be failed.
          • If this happens to an order that does not execute further jobs but leaves the workflow then the unsuccessful outcome causes the order's history status to be failed.
        • If a Catch Block includes a job then the order will adopt the successful/unsuccessful outcome according to the job's execution result.

      Desired Behavior

      • When an order enters a Catch Block then its outcome is considered successful. Users can use an empty Catch Block to recover orders after failure in a Try Block.
      • The Finish Instruction will cause an order's outcome to be successful and results in a successful history status of the order.


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