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Orders waiting in a stopped node or suspended orders are not reset to initial state after a JobScheduler restart




      Current Situation

      When an order is suspended in a job chain or is waiting at a stopped node and during the run of the order new parameters have been added to the order or parameters have been changed and the JobScheduler will be restarted, the order will not be resetted to initial state when the order has finished the job chain e.g. after unstopping all nodes.

      Desired Behavior

      Orders should be resetted to initial state even when proceeding run after a JobScheduler restart.

      How to reproduce

      • Create a job chain
      • add a persistent order
      • stop one node
      • start the order with JOC
      • add a parameter with one job in the chain
        • spooler_task.order.params.set_var("newparam","value");
      • when order has reached the stopped node, restart JobScheduler
      • unstop the order

      The order will now continue running in the job chain. When finished and have been set to first node, the order has all parameters that have been added during execution e.g. 'SCHEDULER_JOC_USER_ACCOUNT'

      This can also be verified in the table SCHEDULER_ORDERS where the field payload contains all parameters that have been set during the last execution


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