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Order steps should be considered successful if a task's exit code is handled by <on_return_code> configuration




      Current Situation

      • A node in a job chain is configured with the on_error="suspend" attribute.
      • There is also a <on_return_code return_code="2"> attribute
      • The job terminates with exit code 2
      • The order will be suspended by JobScheduler Master. See the following sample configuration:
        <job_chain  name="job_chain">
            <job_chain_node  state="100" job="job1" next_state="200" error_state="error" on_error="suspend">
                <on_return_codes >
                    <on_return_code  return_code="2">
                        <to_state  state="200"/>
            <job_chain_node  state="200" job="job2" next_state="success" error_state="error"/>
            <job_chain_node  state="success"/>
            <job_chain_node  state="error"/>

      Desired Behavior

      • If a task for an order step ends with an exit code != 0 then the order step should be considered successful if the task's exit code is handled by the <on_return_code return_code="xxx"><to_state> configuration.
      • This includes that the on_error="suspend" attribute that is optionally configured for the job node of the order step should be ignored, i.e. the result of the order step is considered similar to a task's exit code 0.
      • Any other <on_return_code> configuration that does not include a <to_state> element as e.g. <NodeOrderPlugin:add_order> is not affected by this change and the known behavior specified by the on_error and state attributes applies.

      Maintainer Notes

      • Consider that the behavior modifies the order step, not the task.
      • A task's exit code still is considered an error and is reported to the log.
        • A job that is configured to stop in case of error will stop accordingly.
        • Notification by e-email will be sent if configured.


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