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Universal Agent stores transient log files




      Current Situation

      • The Agent forwards any log information immediately to the Master.
      • This happens line by line and allows a rolling log from the Master that is available with JOC.

      Desired Behavior

      • The Agent reports log information to the Master as suggested by the current behavior
      • In addition the Agent stores the log file in its local log directory.
        • The log directory is specified with the command line option: -log-directory=
        • If no log directory is specified then the Agents defaults to using the temp directory for log files.
      • On termination of a task with the Agent
        • in case of a successful connection to the Master the Agent will report the execution information to the Master and will remove the log file.
        • in case of unsuccessful connection to the Master the Agent will keep the local execution log.
      • Task logs
        • The Agent creates the following files for a task:
          • task-agentTaskID-stdout.log: includes task output to stdout
          • task-agentTaskID-stderr.log: includes task output to stderr
          • task-agentTaskID.json: includes information about the task such as start time, task id (for reference with a JobScheduler Master)
        • The agentTaskID in the log file name is an arbitrary number that is calculated by the Agent.


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