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JobScheduler should have a command to check the validity of its configuration




      JobScheduler should have a command -check-only to check its configuration

      • Scope of configuration files
        • scheduler.xml
        • factory.ini
        • sos.ini
        • all objects from the live folder
      • Behavior
        • When executed with the -check-only command line option a JobScheduler will
          • start without creating a pid file
          • log output to the location that is specified with the -log-dir and -log command line options: exclusively the main log and debug log (scheduler.log) files are created
          • check the validity of the configuration and terminate immediately
          • connect to the database in read-only mode
          • not start any tasks. A more strict behavior applies as for a pause command (JS-1511) as no job starts are calculated and no tasks are enqueued.
          • return an exit code
            • 0 for a valid configuration
            • 1 for an invalid configuration
        • This implies that JobScheduler can be started with the -check-only command line option in parallel to a running JobScheduler instance that makes use of the same configuration and will not interfere with that instance.

      Maintainer Notes

      • With JS-1511 a feature is available to start JobScheduler in paused mode. This includes the check of the configuration objects and therefore represents an overlapping functionality.
      • Having a separate configuration check available allows to verify the configuration without any tasks being enqueued for start at end of the paused mode.
      • Please vote for this issue and let us know your feedback if you estimate this feature being relevant.


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