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Job chain with job node process classes




      Current Situation

      • A process class is assigned to a job.
        • The job will use the same process class independent from the job chain that is is used for.
        • Jobs cannot be re-used with different process classes.
      • A job chain is assigned a default process class for all job nodes.
        • The behavior of the default process is described in JS-1301.
      • The assignment of a process class to an order as stated in JS-1189

      Desired Behavior

      • Each job node can be assigned a process class.
      • This setting overrides the default process class as introduced with JS-1301
      • This setting will be overruled by an order that is configured for a specific process class with JS-1189
      • The assignment of a process class to a job will become deprecated when introducing this feature as this would introduce unwanted complexity. Using process classes with job nodes is more flexible and a perfect replacement for process classes with jobs.

      Maintainer Notes

      • This feature is dismissed as the functionality is not sufficiently different from the current behavior.
      • Future releases 2.0 of the Master will work differently when it comes to Agent assignments as they will use a job net. Therefore we will not focus on providing this functionality to a Master for a limited time (release 1.12 will be the last minor release before the major release 2.0).


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