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JobScheduler should not log the errors from inside a history.entry element



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      Current Situation
      JobScheduler logs (in scheduler.log) all errors from the text attribute of an error element which is part of an answer of an xml command.

      That's ok for almost all cases, for example:

      .08 17:11:43.531 scheduler 2138  5760.13C0 1349.375MB .{scheduler} Execute <start_job job="hello"/>
      .08 17:11:43.532 scheduler    0  5760.13C0 1349.375MB .[ERROR SCHEDULER-161  There is no Job '/hello']

      In case that JOC sends

      <show_job job="..." max_task_history="10" what="run_time job_params task_history"/>

      to display the list of the task history entries then JobScheduler logs as follows if two of the last 10 tasks of the job have thrown errors:

      .08 17:10:36.233 scheduler   63  5760.13C0 1350.375MB .{scheduler} Execute <show_job job="/job1" max_task_history="10" what="run_time job_params task_history"/>
      .08 17:10:36.236 scheduler    0  5760.13C0 1350.375MB .[ERROR SCHEDULER-140  Task logged error: ]
      .08 17:10:36.236 scheduler    0  5760.13C0 1350.375MB .[ERROR SCHEDULER-140  Task logged error: ]

      These log lines are confusing as they state errors from previous job runs and especially since the original error message is cut out.

      If in JOC you open a job in the right detail frame and JOC is automatically refreshed every 5 seconds and this job has ended the last 10 tasks with error then you will receive tons of log lines like this:

      [ERROR SCHEDULER-140  Task logged error: ]

      Desired Behavior

      • JobScheduler should not log an error from inside a history.entry element


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