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Provide named monitors




      Named Monitors

      • Monitors are used for jobs to provide pre- and postprocessing capabilities by scripts.
      • Monitor Files
        • This feature includes monitors to be stored in separate files with the naming convention
          MyMonitor.monitor.xml where MyMonitor is the name of the monitor.
        • Monitors configurations in monitor files start with the element <monitor>.
        • Monitor files can be stored in any folder structure within the live folder.
      • Monitor Use
        • Jobs make use of named monitors by specifying the following elements:
            <monitor.use  monitor="/some_path/MyMonitor" ordering="1"/>
            <monitor.use  monitor="/some_path/MyMonitor2" ordering="2"/>
            <monitor.use  monitor="MyMonitor3" ordering="3"/>  ...

          where some_path is a folder in the live folder directory structure and MyMonitor is the name of the named monitor. A relative or an absolute path can be used to specify the location of the monitor.

      The value of ordering in <monitor.use> overwrites the value of ordering in the assigned monitor file.

      Schema Validation

      • Validation of named monitors is supported by the JobScheduler XSD schema that allows:
          <monitor ...>
          <monitor ...>
      • Validation of monitor use is supported by the JobScheduler XSD schema that allows the above XML elements within a {<job>}

        XML node.


      • JobScheduler tracks changes
        • to monitor files and
        • to files included with monitor files that make use of <include live_file="..."/> elements.
      • Adding, modifying and removing monitor files or files included with monitor files causes JobSchedduler
        • to terminate tasks that make use of the respective monitor, i.e. the tasks are terminated with the current process step. The behavior is the same as for schedules, process classes and locks.
        • to reload the job.


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