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JOC throws the error "java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: java.lang.ArithmeticException: long overflow" when Agent process class limit is reached and an Order in setback tries to start a new task



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      Current Situation

      • the user has two job chains A with a single Job A_1 and job chain B has two jobs B_1 and B_2.
      • The jobs are configured to be executed on a remote agent, the process class "Remote" has max_process=1.
      • The Job A_1 create a file _A_finished.txt_ and Job B_1 check the existence of file otherwise throws an error, which causes Order to go into a setback.
      • When user Submits an Order, e.g. test_orderB to job chain B, the since the file _A_finished.txt_ is not present, the test_orderB will go to setback mode. Then user submits another order, e.g. test_orderA to job chain A. The Job A_1 will start and acquire the process_Class "remote."
      • When next time Order test_orderB completes the setback and try to get the Process class to start the remote task, and the user clicks on Orders view the JOC throws an exception JOC-420 java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: java.lang.ArithmeticException: long overflow , see attached screenshot JOC-420-EXCEPTION.png

      How to reproduce

      • Deploy the attached configuration JOC-675.zip in the ./config/live folder.
      • Submit an order test_orderB to the job chain B, and wait until Order goes into setback state
      • Submit an order test_orderA to the job chain A
      • After the first setback when test_orderB tries to start a new task, there will be no change the Order's state from delay to running or waiting for the resource.
      • Click on the Orders tab and select the Folder JOC-675, the JOC will throw an error.

      Desired Behavior

      • Job should not throw an error when Order's state changes from Setback to waiting for the resource


      There is also a patch provided for: JOC Cockpit 1.12.7
      See the description how to apply a patch in the knowledge base


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