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Calendar, Schedule - Frequency Type Every




      Current Situation

      • JS7 provides JS7 - Calendars for use with JS7 - Schedules.
      • The selection of days in a Calendar/Schedule is managed using Frequencies.
      • The functionality of the Frequency type Every is broken and this type was deactivated in the JOC-Cockpit with the JS7 2.2.2 release.

      Desired Behavior

      • The functionality of the Frequency type Every should work as expected.
      • This includes support for:
        • Frequency Type Every - n Days
        • Frequency Type Every - n Weeks
        • Frequency Type Every - n Months
        • Frequency Type Every - n Years
      • Frequency Type Every - Valid From should be mandatory.
        • clear definition of the start day the Every calculation.

      Test Instructions

      • Inventory View
        • Create a Calendar and add Frequencies (see above) to the Calendar's definition.
        • Create a Schedule and add Restrictions (see above) to the Schedule's run-time
          • e.g. Frequency Type Every 2 Days
          • use Show Preview to check if the preview shows the expected result.
            • Make a screenshot
          • Release the Calendar/Schedule.
      • Daily Plan View
        • Create Daily Plan ( use given Schedule) for selected days and non-selected days as specified by the screenshot :
          • Expected result - Daily Play should generate orders on the selected days only
      • Repeat the test with any possible combinations.
      • Add more than 1 Restriction and repeat the test.




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