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Creating job stream events with custom context



    • Type: Feature
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    • Affects Version/s: 1.13.7
    • Fix Version/s: 1.13.8
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      Current Situation

      It is possible to create events in an Out Condition. These events reside in the context of the current job stream instance.

      It is not possible to reference such an event from another job stream as either the current instance from this job stream is used or a period is specified.

      Example: When referencing the event another_stream.myevent[today] this means that there is myevent in another job stream created today.

      Desired Behavior

      It should be possible to define an Out Condition that creates the event myevent[my_context] in a job stream A.

      This event can be referenced in a job stream B with A.myevent[my_context]. In addition, this event can be deleted with an Out Condition in job stream B using A.myevent[my_context]

      This feature allows to define a dependency between two job streams independently of the given period and job stream instance.

      Example for an expression in an In Condition: job1 and stream1.myevent[my_context]

      my_context is a constant value. An event that has been created with a constant context is existing independently from the current job stream run. Therefore it makes sense to remove the event in an Out Condition.




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