Current Situation

      • When editing a job stream or a calendar then such changes have to be applied by the job stream plugin running in the Master. This takes some time particularly for a larger number of job streams. During this time no job stream or job will be started.

      Desired Behavior

      • Modifying a job stream or calendar should not delay job starts.
      • The assignment of the new job stream model should be performed in a parallel thread. When the assignment is completed, the new model should be swapped with the old model.
      • The initialization process should be optimized:
        • Calendar usage should not be evaluated per job. Instead, any calendar usages should be retrieved with a single SQL "select" statement. To check each job, this list should be used.
        • Not all events should be added to the model. It is sufficient to read only the events for running job streams and additionally events for period based expressions like event:myEvent[yesterday]

      The JOC Cockpit can be optimized by not reading unnecessary data e.g. events or consumed In Conditions when the view is collapsed. Also only events for the currently selected job stream and additionally events for period based expressions like event:myEvent[yesterday] should be forwarded when the job stream graph is expanded.


      A patch for JobScheduler Master can be download from here
      Please download and install the patch in $scheduler_home/lib/patches

      There is a patch for JOC Cockpit available. Please download from here. Then apply the patch with the JOC Cockpit Patch Executor

      Please clear your browser cache and restart JOC Cockpit.

      The ensure that the patch is installed correctly click the rappit in JOC Cockpit. It should show

      JOC Cockpitc62f506898)9a4323fffd747be9c163884787a1a7
      1.13.7-patch (2020-11-30)




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