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Report jobs to the JobScheduler Monitoring Interface that run shorter/longer than expected



      Current Situation

      • The JobScheduler Master includes the feature to send e-mail in case that the execution of job requires a shorter/longer duration than expected.
        • However, this feature is restricted to send e-mail which is not applicable for a number of users.
      • At the same time the JobScheduler Monitoring Interface provides the feature to add a timer setting with a similar purpose.
        • However, this feature is not easily configurable if different timer settings are required for a larger number of jobs.
        • In addition modifying the Monitoring Interface requires to change its SystemMonitorNotification_MonitorSystem.xml file which is an administrative task.

      Desired Behavior

      • Users would like to use the settings warn if longer than / warn if shorter than that are available on a per job basis with the JOE job editor to specify the expected duration.
      • Instead of sending e-mail in case of any jobs not matching the expectation specified with the above settings the Monitoring Interface should be used to send a notification.
      • Introducing of the new configuration items on a NotificationObjects element:
        • TaskIfLongerThan
        • TaskIfShorterThan

      Test Instruction

      • Job Configuration
        • define a job with the warn_if_longer_than setting
        • define a job with the warn_if_shorter_than setting
      • Monitoring Interface Configuration
        • define the TaskIfLongerThan, TaskIfShorterThan elements
      1. SystemMonitorNotification_MonitorSystem.xml
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