Current Situation

      • Low performance of parameter subsitution is an issue when used with node parameters:
        • 10 node parameter: 4s
        • 20 node parameter: 6s
        • both values are considered being far too slow for efficient parameter handling.
      • The substitution mechanism has grown over the years and has to be re-written as it works inefficiently and is hard to maintain.
      • The following implementation of a Monitor is used for substitution of node parameters up to release 1.10. It remains available with release 1.11:
        <monitor name="configuration_monitor">
            <script java_class="sos.scheduler.managed.configuration.ConfigurationOrderMonitor" language="java"/>
      • The JOE job editor automatically updates job configurations that are used in job chains and to which node parameters are assigned with the current Monitor implementation.

      Desired Behavior

      • Performance of parameter substitution is restored to a normal range:
        • 20 node parameters <= 2s
      • Rewrite the parameter substitution to comply with the requirements stated with the How to control substitution in Job Parameters article
      • Supported parameter templates
        • ${param}
      • No longer supported parameter templates
        • §{param}
        • $param
        • §param
        • ${scheduler_param_param}
        • §{scheduler_param_param}
        • %scheduler_param_param%
      • The optimized Monitor becomes available with the following implementation starting from release 1.11:
        <monitor name="configuration_monitor">
            <script java_class="com.sos.jitl.jobchainnodeparameter.monitor.JobchainNodeSubstituteMonitor" language="java"/>
      • The JOE job editor updates job configurations that use node parameters with the optimized implementation of the Monitor.

      Maintainer Notes

      • Users of 1.11 releases who want to benefit from improved performance should update the configuration monitor.
        • For newly created jobs this is automatically performed by the JOE job editor.
        • For existing jobs it is up to the user to update the configuration monitor.
      • For release 1.11 the "classic" implementation and the optimized implementation are available in parallel.
      • For release 1.12 the "classic" implementation will be modified to point to the optimized implementation, see deprecation announcement with JITL-411


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