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Provide a housekeeping job for Agent logs





      • JobScheduler Master provides a job scheduler_rotate_log that is used for the following operations with Master log files:
        • rotate log files
        • compress log files
        • delete former compressed log files
      • For JobScheduler Universal Agent a similar job should be available:
        • Log rotation is automatically provided by the Agent on a daily basis should any job activity have occurred.
        • The following operations should be provided by use of the same parameterization as for Master log files:
          • compress log files
          • delete former compressed log files
        • This job can be configured to run for all Agents that are available with a JobScheduler Master including Agents that are running in multiple instances or for an individual Agent.
          • This job is used with a job chain that allows multiple orders to be added.
          • Each order can be specified to start for an individual point in time and can be parameterized to perform housekeeping for all Agents or an individual Agent.
        • This job considers permissions on log files and makes use of the respective Agent to compress and delete log files.

      Maintainer Notes

      • The requested feature is mostly covered out-of-the-box by applying Apache log4j Configuration.
      • For details on how to configure log rotation and log compression see the JobScheduler Universal Agent - Logging article.
      • Therefore there is no intention to develop a job for a behavior that is higly similar to what is available from Apache log4j.


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