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JobChainSplitter job should be configurable not to set the sync context




      • Current Situation
        • The job JobChainSplitter always sets the context for the assigned sync node. The order parameter job_chain_state2synchronize will be set to the actual SyncStateName and job_chain_name2synchronize will be set to the actual job chain. This will be done to be able to reuse the same sync job in the chain. If the context is not set, a seperate sync job has to be configured.
      • Desired Behavior
        • The behaviour should be configurable. It should be possible to set the parameter create_sync_context=false (default true).
        • The reason is that the context will be set wrong if the sync node is not a successor of the splitter job but there are other splitter jobs between the splitter and the sync node.
      • Workaround

      If you have a configuration like split1->split2->sync2->sync1 the conext for sync1 is no longer valid. In this case, you have to reset the context in the preprocessing of the job at the last job before reaching the sync1 job.

      p.set_var("job_chain_state2synchronize","sy_2" );

      <job  order="yes" stop_on_error="no" title="End of Split Jobchain Interlink 2" idle_timeout="0" name="sync_2">
          <params />
          <script  language="java" java_class_path="" java_class="com.sos.jitl.sync.JobSchedulerSynchronizeJobChainsJSAdapterClass"/>
          <monitor  name="process0" ordering="0">
              <script  language="java:javascript">
      function spooler_process_before(){
          var o = spooler_task.order;
          var p = o.params
          p.set_var("job_chain_state2synchronize","sy_2" );
          return true;
          <run_time />


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