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log4j2.xml debug examples should be available with the setup



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      Current Situation

      • There are two log4j2.xml configuration files for the JobScheduler Master and for JOC Cockpit.
        • Master: .$SCHEDULER_HOME/lib/log4j2.xml
        • JOC Cockpit: $JETTY_HOME/lib/log4j2.xml
      • The files do include examples how to enable debug logging for individual plugins such as the job streams plugin, the inventory plugin and the reporting plugin. To enable debug logging it is required to uncomment logger configuration settings in log4j2.xml.

      Desired Behavior

      • There should be pre-configured log4j2.xml configuration files for JobScheduler Master and JOC Cockpit that provide settings for each plugin to log to a separate log file including database statements. The following files are created:
        • inventory.log
        • reporting..log
        • jobstreams.log
        • dailyplan.log
      • There is a single property to switch the log level for all plugins:
        default configuration
                        <!--  Configuration to create separate log files for all plugins
        		      These are inventory.log, reporting.log, jobstreams.log and dailyplan.log 
        		      OFF: without separate log file
        		      ERROR, WARN, INFO, DEBUG, TRACE: creates separate log file with corresponding log level
        		      SQL statements are included starting from log level DEBUG, prepared statements and their binding are available starting from log level TRACE.
        		<Property name="PluginLogLevel">OFF</Property>
      • When instructed by the SOS support team users should increase the log level:
        switch log level
        		<Property name="PluginLogLevel">TRACE</Property>
      • Consider to reset the log level later on as log output will be appended to the log files and will consume some disk space. Log files will be rotated should they exceed 20 MB size. Up to 10 log files are maintained.




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