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JOC Cockpit batch installation breaks if joc_install.xml has comments


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    • Affects Version/s: 1.12.4
    • Fix Version/s: 1.12.5
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      Current Situation

      • If joc_install,xml has a commented <installpath> tag, the batch installation does not starts.
      • Following XML line, produces the error, if its deleted the setup work normally.
        • <!-- <installpath>[:choose absolute installation path of JOC:]</installpath> -->
        • ...
              <com.izforge.izpack.panels.TargetPanel id="target">
                  <!-- SELECT THE INSTALLATION PATH
                       It must be absolute! -->
          <!--        <installpath>[:choose absolute installation path of JOC:]</installpath>  -->
              <com.izforge.izpack.panels.UserInputPanel id="jetty">

      Desired Behavior

      • The JOC Cockpit batch installation should not break if there are comments in the joc_installation.xml

      Maintainer Note

      • If the <installpath/> is not set then the working directory is the installation directory.
        The setup start-script tries to avoid that the installer can be start without a <installpath/> setting.
        For this the joc_install.xml is provided with
        <installpath>[:choose absolute installation path of JOC:]</installpath>
        where the value is an invalid path.
        The setup start-script is looking for the [:choose with "grep" and stops the installation with a message
        Please edit at first the file: ...

        if [:choose is found.
        The setup start-script is only a shell script which don't parse the XML to see possibly comments around
        <installpath>[:choose absolute installation path of JOC:]</installpath>.
        In the case described above, the start-script still finds [:choose
        The effort is disproportionate to the benefit if you want to teach the shell script to parse XMLs.


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