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Strange behavior while JobScheduler tries to reconnect to the database



      Current Situation

      • If the JobScheduler connection to the database fails then JobScheduler tries to reopen the connection after 60 seconds. During this situation the JobScheduler is not accessible via TCP.
      • How to reproduce this behavior: If I send the command <terminate/> then
        • I get a Connection refused message.
        • the current JobScheduler process doesn't terminate
        • a new scheduler.log is written, in which a new PID is logged.
        • a process with this new pid is not in the process list.
        • only a kill removes the original process of the JobScheduler

      Maintainer Notes

      • JobScheduler works as designed. While waiting for a successful reconnect to the database no commands are allowed that modify the JobScheduler status.
      • However, any informational commands can be sent, e.g. all commands that start with <show_.../>
      • Should a JobScheduler be terminated while it is waiting for a database connection then the JobScheduler start script can be used with the "kill" command.

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