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Orders of a job chain disappear when all job chain nodes are skipped



      Current Situation

      • If all nodes of a job chain are marked as skipped then the orders of the job chain dissapear in JOC.
      • It has no effect if one of the nodes is set to be unskipped again - the orders are still not available.

      Desired Behavior

      • Orders disappear from a job chain if no active (unskipped) job node is present.
        • This behavior applies to orders for which the initial state is the first state of a job chain.
        • For orders with an initial state that is different from the first state of a job chain this behavior applies if the range of job nodes is skipped that the order is configured to be executed for.
      • If at least one node in a job chain is active (not skipped) or becomes active (is being unskipped) that is in the range of the job nodes that the order is configured for then the order becomes visible.

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