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JOC Cockpit loses its connection to the Master API




      Current Situation

      • When requesting the task history of a job causes the JobScheduler Master API in some environments become unreachable.
      • This happens when opening the Jobs View in JOC Cockpit and therefore
        [jobscheduler-master-url]/jobscheduler/api/job/[job-path]?return=History&limit=x is called.
      • This request to get the job history was changed with JS-1802 in 1.12.8 for a better performance.
      • The JobScheduler Master has not terminated and actually continues executing jobs and orders.
      • Also the web server of the JobScheduler Master is up but it doesn't seem to accept any more requests and logs for each request
        spray.can.server.HttpServerConnection [WARN ] - Configured registration timeout of 1 second expired, stopping

      Desired Behavior

      • The JobScheduler Master API should not become unreachable after calling the new Job history web service from JS-1802


      • There is a rollback available. You can download the rollback from here.
      • Install the rollback similar to a patch as it is described here
      • With this rollback, a setting controls that the task history request to the JobScheduler is made in the form as it was implemented before 1.12.8.
        For this purpose, the following property in ./jetty_base/resources/joc/joc.properties must be added:
        disable_job_history_with_json = true


      • This problem occurs when using the jTDS JDBC Driver for SQL Server databases. The jTDS project is not actively maintained and most probably will not fix errors with their software.
      • This problem is tested not occur when using a current Microsoft JDBC Driver either release 6 or 7. We recommend that you
        • download the Microsoft JDBC Driver (we are not allowed to ship the driver)
        • re-install the JobScheduler Master from the same release and specify the driver location as explained from the installation instructions




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