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Agent start script should not require console acknowledgement



      Current Situation

      • The Universal Agent start script requires to acknowledge the start of the Agent daemon by hitting the <enter> key.
      • This behavior interferes when using systemd for Linux environments as the acknowledgement cannot be performed when running the systemd service configuration file on server start-up, i.e. without a console window.

      Desired Behavior

      • No console input should be required when starting the Agent daemon for Linux environments.

      Maintainer Notes

      • This issue is dismissed as the acknowledgement is not statically required by the Agent start script but is dynamically required if an error occurs when running the Agent service file, e.g. for systemd.
      • Typically the problem is about the location of the Agent PID file that is configured in the Agent service file. If systemd does not find the PID file with the indicated location then an error is raised and an acknowledgement of the start script is forced. As the PID file location is manually added to the Agent service file please check carefully to use the correct path.


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