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Provide a script for administrators to purge the Audit Log




      Current Situation

      • The Audit Log view works based on a database table that stores information about user interventions that modify JobScheduler objects.
      • The same information is stored with the ./logs/JOCAuditLog.log file.

      Desired Behavior

      • A script is provided for administrators to purge the Audit Log. We consider it critical to remove entries from the Audit Log as this information could be required for compliance purposes. Therefore a script is provided and not an operation with the GUI.
      • The script cleanup_auditlog_table.cmd | .sh is provided that is parameterized by the number of days counted from today for which the entries in the audit log table should be removed.

      For older releases from 1.12.0

      The script can be added to a JobScheduler installation from 1.12.0 by the following steps:

      1. download JS-1798-linux.tar.gz (for Windows) or JS-1798-linux.tar.gz (for Linux), respectively
      2. extract the archive into the JobScheduler installation (SCHEDULER_HOME)
      3. call the "scheduler_install_tables"-script from the command prompt with the argument audit_log_cleanup_procedure.sql
        > ./install/scheduler_install_tables.sh audit_log_cleanup_procedure.sql
        > .\install\scheduler_install_tables.cmd audit_log_cleanup_procedure.sql
      4. If necessary, the script must still be adapted at below ???, where otherwise the installer substitutes values of the installation.
        But it should also work without this step, because the required environment variables should be read from the ./bin/jobscheduler_environment_variables.(sh|cmd).
        Linux, cleanup_auditlog_table.sh, line 17ff
        test -z "$SCHEDULER_HOME" && SCHEDULER_HOME="???"
        test -z "$SCHEDULER_DATA" && SCHEDULER_DATA="???"
        test -z "$JAVA_HOME" && JAVA_HOME="???"
        Windows, cleanup_auditlog_table.cmd, line 14ff
        if not defined INSTALL_PATH set INSTALL_PATH=???
        if not defined APPDATA_PATH set APPDATA_PATH=???
        if not defined JAVA_HOME set JAVA_HOME=???


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