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Environment variables should be substituted when used with include file references



      Current Situation

      • A number of elements in a job-related configuration can make use of references to include files, e.g. the run-time configuration of a job or order can include a holiday file. To address the file path of the include file the $ {SCHEDULER_DATA}

        variable can be used that will be substituted with the correct value.

      • Other environment variables will not be substituted, e.g. $ {SCHEDULER_CONFIGURATION_DIRECTORY}

        will be substituted to nothing.

      Desired Behavior

      • When addressing an include file for e.g. holidays, parameters and scripts then the value for $ {PARAM}

        should be substituted with the value of the environment variable "PARAM".

      Maintainer Notes

      • This feature works as designed.
        • Any environment variables can be used that are available for the JobScheduler Master process.
          • This includes environment variables that are propagated with the ./user_bin/jobscheduler_environment_variables.sh | .cmd scripts.
        • Environment variables that are available exclusively for tasks, see Which environment variables are provided by JobScheduler? cannot be used with a configuration file that is applied before a job starts.


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