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"Task History" in Jobs View is not displayed when the job name contains a blank



      Current Situation

      • To get the task history in the Jobs Overview, the JobScheduler has been queried with the request

        since JS-1802.

      • If the job name contains a blank character (e.g. hello job) then the request is correct urlencoded

        but the response has always an empty array.

      • User can start the job from JOC's action menu e.g. Start Task Immediately
      • The task runs successfully but when JOC does not show any Task History entries, see attached screenshot joc-job-taskhistory.png.
      • The History --> tasks view show the task history, refer attached screenshot joc-history-taskhistory.png.

      How to reproduce

      • Create a standalone shell job with space in job name, e.g. "hello job".
      • Login to the JOC Cockpit and Start the standalone job.
      • The Task will run successfully, but Task History for the job will not be displayed.

      Desired Behavior 

      • The Task History for a standalone job should be displayed even if the job name contains space.

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