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"Process class" does not displays in the Job chains view for the individual jobs in a job chain



      Current behavior
      When a user adds a process class in each Job and in Jobchain and expands the detail of Jobchain from Jobchain View in JOC Cockpit the process class column has the name of the process class for the Job chain name but it is not displayed for the individual jobs of the job chain. When the user clicks on the individual job view of the job chain the process is displayed there and when we switch again to the job chain sometimes the process class for the individual jobs is now displayed.

      How to reproduce

      • Create a simple or split/join job chain.
      • Add process class in every job and the job chain.
      • Login to JOC Cockpit.
      • In Job Chain View select the Job Configuration created.
      • Expand details for job chain.
      • The "Process class" column for Jobs are blank.

      Desired Behavior
      The "Process class" should display for every Job in the Jobchain.

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