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Advanced Search in Audit Log view should consider the profile parameter "Max. number of Audit Log entries"




      Current Situation

      The profile parameter Max. number of Audit Log entries is not used to limit the results in the Audit Log view independently from the current filter or "Advanced Search" operation.

      Also in subviews like the Jobs View the parameter is not considered. In the subviews the value for Max. number of Audit Log entries per object is considered.

      Desired Behavior

      In the Audit Log view, when a user uses the "Advanced Search", a Customization or a one of the build in filters like last 12 hours then the profile parameter Max. number of Audit Log entries should be considered to limit the resultset.

      As Sub-views do not include a search function but display Audit Log entries related to the current object, e.g. the job chain the lists also should be limited. When Max. number of Audit Log entries per object is greater than Max. number of Audit Log entries then the smaller value Max. number of Audit Log entries should limit the resultsets.

      Further Considerations

      The Advanced Search, the customization and the build in filters like "Last 24 hours" are searching in the database without limits. Only the resultset will be limited. The value for the limitation can be defined in the profile and should be "very high". Unlimited resultsets are not feasable in the gui. There must be a limit. When entering the view the resultset will be limited by the build in filter "Today". When the user clicks the "All" button to get unfiltered resultsets it is expected that the search may take some time. Therefore the limit can be set to a very high value.
      Please note that the "Search in Results" field searches in the resultlist (as the label indicates) and is not a search in the database. You can mix the advanced search or the customizations with the "Search in Results" field.


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