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User profiles should be removable to allow a default profile to be applied




      Current SItuation

      • The change request JOC-477 implements the feature "Add default profile".
      • If a user deletes and recreates an account, then the default profile configured in joc.properties does not take effect.
      • The reason for this behavior is the fact that the user profile that is stored in the database currently is not removed when an account is deleted. This applies
        • to local accounts that are managed with shiro.ini and
        • this applies to accounts that are authenticated with LDAP servers. For such accounts no operation is available to remove the profile.

      How to reproduce

      • Configure default_profile_account = root in the joc.properties
      • Login as the root and change any one setting in the profile
      • Create a new user test_otrs
      • Login as the user test_otrs, the changed setting from root's profile will be visible.
      • Delete the user test_otrs and recreate it with the same username
      • Login back in JOC with test_otrs user's credentials
      • The test_otrs user profile will have all default settings.

      Desired Behavior

      • The functionality "Add default profile" should be effective when an account is deleted and recreated.
      • A new view will be added to the JOC Cockpit Account Management that is available for administrators:
        • This view shows the list of all profiles (accounts and last access date).
        • The view offers
          • to remove individual profiles from the database by use of an action menu.
          • to remove all selected profiles from the database by use of a button "Remove Profile"
        • When removing profiles then any customizations created by the respective accounts will be removed.


      • If you have access to the Reporting database then you can delete the profile (e.g. of the user test_otrs) with
        SQL statement to delete profile 'test_otrs'
        delete from JOC_CONFIGURATIONS where "ACCOUNT"='test_otrs';


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