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Deployment of orders and jobs should consider Calendar references




      Current Situation

      • How to reproduce
        • Two environments for TEST and PROD exist
        • A new calendar is deployed from TEST to PROD (download/upload)
        • An order in TEST that makes use of the new calendar is deployed to PROD.
        • In the PROD environment the newly deployed order
          • shows no calendar references, e.g. when using the "Set run-time" function.
          • technically (at XML level) includes all required references.
      • This behavior is not the same as JOC-502 (re-submitting does not resolve the problem).

      Desired Behavior

      • When deploying orders and jobs then references to existing calendars in the target environment should be considered and displayed.

      Maintainer Notes

      • The behavior for Calendar references when deploying orders is misunderstood:
        • If an Order ORD1 in the TEST environment makes use of a calendar CAL1 and is deployed to PROD then
          • references to CAL1 are removed from ORD1
            • if CAL1 does not exist in PROD
            • if ORD1 and CAL1 both exist in PROD but the existing version of ORD1 in PROD does not have a reference to CAL1.
          • references to CAL1 are maintained in ORD1
            • if ORD1 and CAL1 both exist in PROD and ORD1 in PROD has a reference to CAL1.
        • This behavior works as designed as we consider it critical to automatically create references to existing calendars when deploying to a scheduling environment.
          • It could cause unwanted effects if orders automatically apply a calendar reference and therefore are possibly automatically started after deployment - considering the fact that both calendars CAL1 in a TEST and PROD environment could specify different run-times for an order.
          • We consider it more safe if a calendar reference has once to be established in the target environment and then is considered by subsequent deployments.
      • Therefore this issue is dismissed.


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