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The relative and absolute time attributes in the Advanced Search in the History should consider user time zones



      Current Situation

      • When using the Advanced Search in the History view and specifying the relative time attribute then the result list is wrong for some user time zones. The reason is that the "from" / "to" dates are calculated wrong by JOC Cockpit as the the given time is not converted to UTC.
      • When specifying "now-600" to find all items with start times between now and -600 seconds the list returns no result for some user time zones.
      • When specifying a "from" / "to" date in the absolute time search the given date/time values are not converted to UTC. Therefore the wrong interval is returned.
      • When specifying "yesterday" all items from yesterday and today are returned
      • It is not possible to specify "-200s" to "-120s" but it is possible to specify "-3h" to "-1h"

      Desired Behavior

      • The time search should work:
        • All time values must be converted to UTC in the post body
        • "yesterday" should search for "-1d" to "-1d"
        • "now-600" should work for all user time zones
        • it should be possible to specify e.g. "-1s"


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