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The YADE File Transfer History and File Transfers View are corrupt



      Current Situation

      • In the YADE transfer history and the YADE transfer view each transfer is listed. In the detail view sometimes the transfered files are not shown.
      • When the /events web service got a response, the complete Transfer View is refreshed. That has the effect of collapsing all details in the view.
      • If they are shown the repeat transfer does not work. The files that are selected for repeated transfer are not set in the post body.
      • The layout is corrupt. E.g. with a local to local transfer without a target host the values are not corresponding to the headers.
      • The bulk call to /yade/transfers/restart has a typo in the key for file Id array, instead of fileIds the key is named fields.

      Desired Behavior

      • The list with the transfered files should be shown in the details per transfer.
      • The values in the table should correspond to the headers
      • The repeat transfer function should work.
      • Only respective Items should be refreshed, if an acorrding /events response for the item is coming in. The expanded details should not be collapsed by the event.


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