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Sort History of split child orders with parent orders




      Current Situation

      • With use of a split job child orders are created in a job chain
      • Such child orders appear in the History views (either global History or History local to the view) as independent orders and are sorted accordingly.
      • The default History sorting includes to use the start time which results in the effect that the History shows a sequence of entries like this:
        • child_order_2
        • child_order_1
        • parent_order

      Desired Behavior

      • Users would like to have child orders sorted within the sequence of their parent order like this:
        • parent_order_3
        • parent_order_2
          • child_order_1
          • child_order_2
        • parent_order_1
      • The sorting for child orders should be maintained if the user switches the sorting order in the History, i.e. the modified sorting order is applied to the parent orders, not to the child orders that always appear below their parent order.
      • The visualization of the parent->child relationship should include to e.g. have child orders indented


      • The order id of a child order must contain the history id of its parent order in the form -+parentHistoryId+-.
      • This is ensured by the JobChainSplitter job.
      • If child orders are to be created without using the splitter job, the above form must be maintained.
        Example java:javascript
                        var currentOrder = spooler_task.order;
                        var currentNode  = currentOrder.job_chain_node.state;
                        var childOrder   = spooler.create_order();
                        childOrder.state = currentNode;  //if the child order should start on the current job chain node
                        childOrder.ignore_max_orders = true;
                        //Id of child order has to contain "-+parent order's history id+-", e.g.
                        childOrder.id = currentOrder.id + "-+" + currentOrder.history_id + "+-" + currentNode;




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