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Task control should be available for the Job Chain Details view



      Current Situation

      • With the Job Chains list view all operations for task control (end, terminate, kill, terminate with timeout) are available.
      • Such operations are not available from the Details view.

      Desired Behavior

      • Users would want to control tasks from the Job Chains Details view in the same way as from the Job Chains List view.

      Maintainer Notes

      • The Job Chain Details view does not implement the same functionality as the list view. Therefore operations for task control are available from the Job Chains List view that can be reached from the Job Chains Details view with a single click.
      • Task control operations include to see all task instances for a given job node in order to select the respective task. This information is not available from the Job Chain Details view.
      • The next branch JobScheduler 2 will focus on a new implementation of the graphical view. We prefer to spend the effort for adding task control capabilities to graphical views to the JobScheduler 2 branch and will not modify the behavior with JobScheduler 1.12 as the functionality is available by a single additional click.


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