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Toggle display of log source and of debug output in log view window




      Current Situation

      • Log output is created
        1. from the JobScheduler Master or Agent that writes messages e.g. about start and termination of tasks
        2. from any output to stdout/stderr that is caused by shell jobs
        3. from messages that are added by API jobs and by Monitors - this includes messages at info level and any debug level.
      • Log output from the three sources is combined in the log file. When displaying log output that includes a large number of debug messages then the log is hard to read for users.

      Desired Behavior

      • The JOC Cockpit log view window should allow to select the log output from above sources 1) to 3), e.g. to limit log output to stdout/stderr.
      • The JOC Cockpit log view window should allow to toggle between enabling and disabling the display of debug output.
        • The toggle should be available for all debug levels, e.g.
          • specifying debug1 will disable messages for any debug levels.
          • specifying debug3 wiill disable messages for debug levels debug1, debug2, debug3.
        • The toggle default value is to suppress debug messages.

      Maintainer Notes

      • This feature is not assigned to a specific release for now. You can vote for this issue to make it real.
      • Your input is welcome: let us know your comments about the handling of debug output with logs..


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