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Add user profile setting for download as preferred log view option




      Current Situation

      • Starting from release 1.12.4 users can choose to download logs or to display logs with the JOC Cockpit log view window.
      • Use of the log view window is limited by the log size that requires rendering resources (CPU, memory) from the local machine that runs the user browser. The limits depend on the machine capability, as a rule of thumb
        • use of Chrome hits limits earlier than FireFox
        • log sizes of up to 10MB should work for most machines and all browsers.
        • log sizes of 30MB to 50MB require more powerful machines, scrolling in the log view window can be delayed.
        • log sizes of 100MB will not work for most machines.
      • Use of the download option for logs is an appropriate alternative as this works much faster, typically <5s for 100MB. In addition use of a local editor to display logs brings the advantage of better search functions.

      Desired Behavior

      • A setting is added to the user profile to specify the log view preference for download of logs:
        • Currently there are two radio options: Show Logs: New Window, New Tab
        • With this feature there will be three radio options: Show Logs: New Window, New Tab, Download
      • With the "Download" setting being checked all logs from all views are downloaded and are not displayed in the log view window, i.e. this works similar to the existing "Download" symbol for all links that retrieve logs.




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