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JobScheduler Monitoring Interface should ignore File Sink



      Current Situation

      • An error in an job chan will be notified, when at the time of the sos/notification/SystemNotifier run, an order is in a job chain state that has ended with an error.
      • If a file sink state is configured - ends this state always successfully and the possible error in the previous state will be ignored and not notified to the corresponding monitor system.

      Desired Behaviour

      • JobScheduler Monitoring Interface should be able to send any errors that occurred before a file sink state to the corresponding monitor system.

      Test Instructions

      • Test Configuration
        • config/scheduler.xml
          • check if the JobScheduler Monitoring Interface is activated
            • <param name="sos.use_notification" value="true"/>
        • JITL-531-test.zip example
          • config/notification/SystemMonitorNotification_MonitorSystem.xml
            • copy or configure the existing config/notification/SystemMonitorNotification_MonitorSystem.xml file
            • adjust path in the NotificationCommand element
          • config/live/JITL-531/JITL-531.job_chain.xml
            • adjust the file_order_source directory path
      • Test Execution
        • add a file to the configured file_order_source directory
        • after JITL-531 execution start the sos/notification/SystemNotifier MonitorSystem order
        • check if the error message was sent

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