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      Current Situation

      In a job chain with a file order source and a file sink to remove incoming files in case of error the order will be displayed being successful in the JOC Cockpit GUI. Only when looking at the "state" attribute if this holds the value "error" it is possible to identify the error situation. This happens because the file sink runs in a internal task and this task completes successfully.

      Desired Behavior

      In a job chain with a file order source and a file sink to remove incoming files in case of error, the order should be displayed being failed in the JOC Cockpit GUI.

      Test Instructions

      • Test Configuration
        • Create A Job for the file order source which exits with 1.
        • Create a Job chain,add a File through order Source in the job chain
          • e.g. C:\data\inbound in Directory field and provide REGEX for the file names.
        • For the success node give it a file sink to some path e.g. C:\data\process
        • For the error node select file sink and Remove the file.
      • Test Execution
        • Now add an file to the source folder and check the status of the order in JOC.
        • If the order is successfully executed,then it will show successfull in status and the file will move to the destination path.
        • And if the order is failed then the file will be removed and in the JOC the status of the order will be failed.


      Create a job {{errorHandling}. The job will remove the file (or move the file) and then exits with -1. The "state" of this job's node in the job chain is the error state with the file sink. Change the node type from "file sink" to a standard end node.

      <job  order="yes" stop_on_error="no">
          <script  language="shell">
      exit 1
          <run_time />


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